I choose how I live.

I am a doer.

A controller-doer according to the personality assessments we take at work. I am a big picture person who is about results; getting my own and helping others achieve their desired results. It’s what I do. I like a challenge and I always believe the ‘cup’ is full.

Pretty positive right?

It turns out I am also positive for a deleterious mutation. To be specific, I have the BRCA1 mutation, which for me translated into a diagnosis of early stage, hormone positive, intermediate grade 3, aggressive breast cancer.

Hmm. I wasn’t expecting that…

I was (although accident prone, which could be an entirely complete and separate blog), an athletic, energetic, generally healthy, and happy person. I ate a partially healthy diet, I ran 3-5 miles a day, and I tried to maintain some degree of a work/life balance through the day-to-day stressors life brought my way.

Partial. Tried. Some degree. Stress. Given family history and taking an honest look my life style, maybe I should have been expecting it. Regardless… Now what? How do I control this? What do I do?

I choose how I live. I am accountable for the choices I make. These choices can and will impact my mind, my body, and my spirit which all work together to both heal and make me whole.

On May 17, 2012 (diagnosis day), I made an immediate decision that I was not dying of cancer. I was living with cancer and I could choose how my life played out.

By the Grace of God and the assistance of three surgeons, I am free of cancer as of August 14, 2012. It goes without saying that I’d rather not have a recurrence, so I am doing everything within my control to honor the gift of my body and create in it an environment that isn’t hospitable to cancer. As I do my part, I rely on God to do the heavy lifting for this and any other challenge in my path. I know He will as He already is!

I invite you to join me on my personal journey of healing as I document life changing habits, great tasting and healthy recipes, humbling experiences, and overwhelming blessings God has given me as a result of this health opportunity.

I am not a writer. I am a comma splicing run-on-sentence queen, so this blog will require your indulgence. I welcome input and comments, knowing each of us recognize any personal opportunities – health or otherwise – are exactly that: personal. Please respect and support the choices and decisions I make as mine, as I respect the choices and decision of others.

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6 Responses to I choose how I live.

  1. JB says:

    I think it is so great that you are writing about your experience. Please know that I am always in your corner, praying for complete healing and peace in your life
    that surpasses all understanding. Love you! JB

  2. scott says:


  3. Trish T says:

    I know it and love you too! Thank you Scottland!

  4. Janice Peterson says:

    Hi Trish: Love your blogs. I too have hormone related cancer of the breast. I will be going to a healing place here in Colorado Jan.6, 2013 for 18 days to kick it naturally. I’m confused about whether or not to eat soybean products. I used to eat them alot and hate to give them up because I am a vegan. God Bless You, Janice

    • Trish T says:

      I am 100% vegan and mostly raw vegan. I try to avoid all soy products as soy has become so genetically modified I’m not sure there is any good left in it! I do eat tofu on rare occasions when I’m eating out with friends and it is the only vegan option. In the last six months, I think I’ve eaten it twice. I joke (but am serious) that any time I eat out and it isn’t something ‘great’ I simply as God to bless my dirty food and make it clean! đŸ™‚ I believe He does!

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